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O— Old year, c'mon, good bye.

O— Dance classes. A dog waltz.

O— The New Year shapes.

O— Dear kings - please keep moving.

O— On my own two.

O— Our Snow Maiden has arrived.

O— Whistle all up.

O— Today we start. No matter what the weather is.

O— Guard of honor.

O— Balls, hoops, some other kind of things...

O— Another little one, my little one!

O— All in motion.

O— You're cool, bro!

O— One cake and 45 candles.

O— Group ride.

O— I need to fly to the spectators urgently.

O— The natural blonde. Simply beautiful.

O— A little bit more - and I'll fly.

O— Stars are our witnesses.

O— Well, did you see the Ursa Major?

O— Preparing for the pole dance.

O— We obey the traffic rules giving way to a pedestrian.

O— A man in the ring.

O— Symmetry.

O— Ball to the left, cat to the right.

O— I'm flying.

O— Well, how is there - not scary?

O— Salutation, comrade.

O— What is main thing for a gentleman? A hat and a walking stick.

O— We spin right round.

O— Here we are.

O— The drummer and the trumpeter will support us.

O— We can find entertainments for adults as well.

O— We walk the bunny..

O— It' not a make-up, it's grease paint. Acceptable for males.

O— A fragile flower among metal structures.

O— Lay down comfortably on these three points.

O— It seems to be just a swing.

O— Why did you do this to me?

O— Stop hanging, come back ASAP.

O— Daddy, calm down, I already did it earlier.

O— Where did you get so many in this box?

O— Here is an equilibrist in our show.

O— Hello, Earthlings.

O— Wizard.

O— Stepping on stars.

O— Did you all paid your fare?

O— And all these birds came from that one camera.

O— The exchange of artists was at a high level.

O— The magician.

O— Violator of gravitation law.

O— Expressive dance in unstable conditions.

O— Greetings from Deputy Minister.

O— We are ready for the City Day.

O— Preparation in full swing.

O— Hype until the night.

O— Well, we have eaten, and now let's dance.

O— Toy participants.

O— Cultural participants.

O— Colorful participants.

O— The candles are inserted...

O— The chairs are arranged...

O— Almost grand piano, almost in the bushes.

O— Female version.

O— Evening circus.

O— We all have serious intentions.

O— Take a rest before the start.

O— Awards await their owners.

O— It's warm. nice, tasty.

O— Black and white greetings.

O— Stylish food vagon.

O— Exchanging of niceties.

O— Digesting goes better when you are reclining, on the lawn, overlooking the circus.

O— Here is such a ritual.

O— And why not eat festively?

O— We did it.

O— Festival finale.

O— The arena waits.

O— Where else one can raise his foot on the boss?

O— To Gladiator from the Gladiator.

O— In everything you need skill, training, practice.


O— The clown will draw your portret now...

O— Tail up.

O— The jets are gushing here but we are playing.

O— Ghost rider.

O— You will be a bench.

O— Chief, did you target well?

O— Do you hang out or simply take a rest?

O— Gladiators are waiting their spectators.

O— After the holiday. In the festive decoration.

O— Independence Day. A festive march.

O— Where is my very special seat place?

O— The fountain is over there, guys.

O— We'll see, we'll see!

O— Show of little and fountains.

O— Fantastic beasts may be found here.

O— We are all in a hurry for miracles.

O— O

O— Oh, yes! Alexander Sologukha sings at the circus entrance.

O— The caster of jumping balls.

O— Fountains gush, flags flutter ... In one word, a holiday.

O— Cool luanch.

O— As if the wind picks us.

O— Chief, do you know that you are photographed from behind?

O— Farewell instructions: You can, you are strong.

O— All stay on their places!

O— Fountains gush but we walk around.

O— Frozen dynamics.

O— Against the stream and gravitation.

O— Puppets perform.

O— Bears can do that too.

O— Soaring up over the fountain.

O— Festive passing of PE exams. Rope cllimbing.

O— Live fire. Live water. Live lady.

O— Excercises under the rain.

O— I want the same in my living room.

O— Staying higher so that all could see us.

O— Holding the weight in air by stare force.

O— Chief, there are so may people! I am terrified!

O— We are ready for the opening night.

O— There is a fountain next to the circus but soon it will be inside too.

O— It's definetitely not a desert.

O— Fur coat away.

O— Magnetic suspension.

O— If it's hard - I can help with advices.

O— The splits on the wire.

O— Elephants have fun and amuse themselves.

O— Well, we are going.

O— This day, circus has no limits.

O— Mister, you are not a clown you are magician.

O— I will check your tickets today. It's the holiday after all.

O— So what did you conjure? How I will go in a bus?

O— Lady, just look at these jumping dogs.

O— Tell me, where did you upgrade your beak?

O— Flying rajah.

O— Chief, don't rush, we just sat down.

O— The light is transported just in this way - on two elefants, manually.

O— You see that he is not seen?

O— Using the Force.

O— The rings were white and soon they will be red.

O— I'll jump now.

O— Crazy jump.

O— Look at these good spectators.

O— You ride as usual on the ball and suddenly encounter elephant.

O— Yes, Mutation is good name for a dog, and what is main - rare.

O— One little finger per a weight.

O— Mysterious rider.

O— The talented padawan. A new hope.

O— Attention please! Mozart is in the air.

O— Smiling and dancing.

O— Bears went but not by a push bike.

O— Fly, fly, fly!

O— I need no hammer more. What's a saving!

O— Let's drive tandem folks.

O— At first - lift up, then - ride by car...

O— To be the load is a serious matter.

O— The black and the white.

O— Can you turn over so that it was easier to catch you.

O— The balls obey me...

O— And soon they will entrust me an airplane.

O— Mademoiselle, in honor of the holiday, let me ride you on the wheels.

O— Traditional encounter of two rams.

O— Mozart does not waste time during the flight.

O— Is it Antonio Banderas on arena of Gomel Circus?

O— There is no one weight for the symmetry but I practice to solve it.

O— Though I'm shaggy but I'm in the trend.

O— Round air traffic.

O— I'm going to set a record.

O— We have got a new program.

O— If do not bite, they tickle awefully.

O— When taking pictures, do not forget to portray letter V.

O— The hunt was successful - we got shot the apple.

O— Air-wire New-Year bridge.

O— We wriggle like snakes.

O— An interview.

O— I will water you a little..

O— Picturing letter Ж.

O— All follow the leader.

O— Give me a protective baloon please.

O— Call me simply - the emperor.

O— Be careful, it should not escape.


O— Festive winter landscape. Фото: Михаил Рубанов
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